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Navigating Content Challenges and Future Trends

Demand Gen Summit Spring 2024

Lindsay Tjepkema discusses navigating content challenges and future trends. Tjepkema explains a successful content strategy by saying, "It should be fun and it should be creative... It’s like going into your kitchen and being like what ingredients do I already have and what can I make with it."

Key Points

  • Many companies do not have a documented content strategy, but it is really helpful to have one. It helps you understand who your content is for and why you're creating it. With a strategy in place, you can be more creative and proactive in serving your audience. Content strategy is not a new concept, but in today's pressure to deliver results, having a clear, intentional, and proactive content strategy is extremely beneficial.
  • Under pressure, we often stick to what has worked in the past and don't have time for creativity. However, taking risks and being creative is what your audience wants. Creating rich, compelling, engaging, and helpful content is crucial for supporting the overall business goals.
  • Audience research is an ongoing process and it's never truly finished. There are numerous ways to conduct it, but the key is to gather information about who your audience is, how it aligns with who you want them to be, and how you can improve.

About the Speaker:

Headshot of Lindsay Tjepkema

Lindsay Tjepkema

Founder & Creator

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Lindsay has dedicated her career to the world of marketing. As an expert in the field, she has held roles from leading global marketing teams to leading strategy at boutique agencies and most recently leading a venture-backed SaasS startup as CEO & Co-Founder of Casted, she spent the last 20 years championing authentic brand-building that prioritizes human connection. She has experience at Casted, Emarsys, and more.

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