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How to Get Every BDR’s Performance Like Your Best BDR

Demand Gen Summit Spring 2024

Christian Kletzl discusses how to get every BDR to perform like your best BDR by utilizing signal-based prospecting.

Key Points

  • Prospecting in 2024 is more challenging than ever. We need to be more targeted and change our outbound approach. Instead of sending out generic messages to everyone, we need to be more precise.
  • Signal-based prospecting is the new way to go because we want to ensure that we are reaching out to the right people at the right time with the right message. We need to stand out, address their needs, and ensure that what we offer works for them.
  • A framework will help us identify accounts and people with a high likelihood of conversion, and our relationships will guide us in personalizing messages and verifying if an account is a good fit.

About the Speaker:

Headshot of Christian Kletzl

Christian Kletzl

CEO & Co-Founder

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Christian is the CEO and Co-Founder at UserGems 💎, helping revenue teams keep in touch with their most likely buyers, build relationships with buying committees, and simplify processes with automated workflows and pre-built playbooks. He has experience at McKinsey & Company, Microsoft, Google, and more.

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