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The End of the BDR with AI-Powered Cold Email Campaigns

Demand Gen Summit Spring 2024

Bill Stathopoulos discusses the end of BDR with AI-powered cold email campaigns.

Key Points

  • Cold email has various applications such as generating revenue, fundraising, determining product/market fit, and gathering market feedback. One challenge that many small companies encounter is crafting the perfect cold email flow, sequence, and content.
  • Identifying the right targets for a cold email campaign can be difficult. Manually researching prospects, visiting their websites, finding business emails, and verifying information is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Without AI, it would be nearly impossible to efficiently scale these processes.
  • AI can expedite many of your tasks, including list building, segmentation, and understanding your prospects. It can also be utilized to personalize introductory lines and content for your outreach, among other advanced functionalities.

About the Speaker:

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Bill Stathopoulos


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Bill is the CEO at SalesCaptain, an Outbound Sales agency for high-growth tech startups. He has experience at Ad World Conference, GrowthRocks, Content Marketing Academy, and more. He authored the book “Cold Email Secrets”, and was named “Top Lead Generation Voice” on LinkedIn in 2024. Hear from Bill and other industry experts at the Demand Gen Summit on May 15th at 9am PST.

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