What is Buyer Enablement? With Josh Fedie


In this presentation, Josh Fedie goes over ways that companies can help customers overcome barriers that prevent them from buying. Buyer enablement is a great way to help customers which in turn helps companies convert at a higher rate.


Joshua Fedie is the CEO & Founder of SalesReach.io, a SaaS based buyer enablement portal to meet the demands of the modern sales professional in small, medium and enterprise organizations. He is also the host of The Founders Mentality, a vlog/podcast recorded as a resource for other founders and would-be founders to gain the collective knowledge of some fascinating founders.


“At the end of the day if we are going to focus on making anyone’s life easy, shouldn’t it be our customers? “

“Shouldn’t I be meeting them (customers) where they want to be met? And delivering to them information the way they want to receive it.”

Key Points

  1. Understanding the difficulties that buyers face is extremely important in selling to them.
  2. Customers’ buying experiences should be as easy as we can make them.
  3. Meet customers where they are, don’t make them come to you.