What if there was a postage stamp for email? with Andy Mowat


Andy Mowat, an accomplished expert in the realm of B2B marketing, offers profound insights into the current landscape where email has become a prevalent and sometimes overwhelming communication channel. With a keen understanding of the challenges businesses face, he not only identifies the issue of email overload but also presents a rich tapestry of innovative ideas and strategies aimed at not just reducing email volume, but more importantly, elevating the quality of interactions in the B2B market. Andy’s expertise serves as a beacon for businesses seeking to navigate this email-centric landscape with precision and creativity, ultimately enhancing their overall marketing effectiveness and customer engagement.


Andy Mowat, Founder & CEO of Gated, has spent his career building sales and marketing engines for world-beating companies (Upwork, Box, Culture Amp). his teams have sent 1 billion+ emails and caused a lot of pain and has also been overwhelmed by email so he built Gated to fix email for both buyers and sellers…. and to do some good for the world.


“We still need to automate email but we don’t need to do it in an impersonal mass way.”

Key Points

  • Stop Mass Emailing
  • Improve Targeting
  • Evolve your channels
  • Invest in content