The State of MarTech – Too Many Tools, Too Few Results


In this presentation, Eric Stockton talks about how to unite the marketing and sales stack to enable the acquisition of clean, usable intel about customers. He also talks about how marketing and sales alignment can be achieved through a holistic view of channels. He then details why marketers should focus less on attribution and more on driving growth.


Eric Stockton is the VP of Demand Generation at SharpSpring. He has proven success in creating revenue and driving pipeline for B2B, SaaS, and eCommerce. He specializes in demand gen, publishing, and content. His years of experience have led him to be directly responsible for $70m+ top line revenue.


“Data is the foundation for all that we do as marketers. The more we understand about an individual, the more we can target the content, the more we can address the questions that they may have.”

“How can we make sure that we have the right attribution so that we can make the right decisions on where to spend our money?”

“25% of my budget is going towards performance marketing tactics. 75% of my budget is going towards those less trackable tactics like driving demand”

Key Points

  1. Identify if you are getting the most out of the tools that you are using.
  2. Ensure alignment between marketing and sales teams.
  3. Connect marketing to the traditional sales metrics.
  4. Provide tool integration to allow marketing and sales to execute their plans.
  5. Attribute success to the correct team in order to know where to allocate budget.