The Buyer-Centric Revenue Model: With Nelson Gilliat


Nelson Gilliat, a seasoned industry thought leader, eloquently addresses the sweeping revolution underway, which is compelling marketers to undergo transformative changes and break free from the constraints of outdated and ineffective marketing methodologies. As the winds of change continue to gust through the industry, Nelson not only advocates for adaptation but also champions the importance of embracing innovative strategies and technologies to thrive in this dynamic landscape. His visionary perspective serves as a guiding light for marketers navigating the shifting currents of contemporary marketing practices.


Nelson Gilliat, Author of “The Death of the SDR: And the Birth of Buyer Centric Revenue” and Founder of Buyer Centric Revenue, a B2B Marketing/Sales consultancy and advisory firm to help companies adopt the Buyer Centric Revenue model, as well as with general Marketing and Sales. Achieve a competitive advantage and become better to work for and with, attracting talent and buyers alike. Enjoy greater growth, faster, easier, at less cost.


“MQL’s is the contact info of uninterested buyers “

“If you want to liberate yourselves you’re going to have to challenge the Predictive Revenue Model”

Key Points

Predictive revenue model (bad marketing)


buyer centric revenue model (good marketing)