Tackling Your #1 Frustration: With Quirijn Kleppe


In his presentation, Quirjin Kleppe covers the way that marketing and demand gen professionals can overcome their number 1 frustration. Generating traffic and leads tends to be a top marketing challenge. Quirjin talks about tactics that organizations can use to improve their lead generation strategies. He also talks about ways that website conversion can be improved.


Quirjin Kleppe is the Head of Product and Growth at Leadinfo, a software that allows companies to identify B2B website visitors. As Head of Product & Growth his main focus is to maximize growth for their scale-up. Next to being a product manager, he works on growth marketing, business intelligence and building strategic partnerships.


“97% of everyone who comes to your website does not convert.”

“What if there was a way that you could see every company that comes to your website?”

Key Points

  1. Develop a team of winners.
  2. Identify what your point of frustration is.
  3. Gain insights on how to optimize conversion on your website.
  4. Democratize lead generation, shifting some of the responsibility to the sales team.