Stack Impressions to Win Customer Trust: With Christian Bacasa


Christian Bacasa speaks on 2 elements within sales, stacking and trust. He speaks on how to stack wins within the sales cycle to build trust and close more.


Christian Bacasa, Director of Sales as Expivi, he’s always willing to help, and answer questions on any of his areas of expertise or any other questions. He’s always happy to share his skills and knowledge with no obligation.


“[A] common misconception is that sales starts in sales and ends in sales”

“Teach your team how to stack the deck in their favor to be successful”

“Understand and Set Expectations, then deliver on it.”

Key Points

  • Know who you are speaking with
  • Develop First Impressions to prospects
  • Show immediate value to leads
  • Showing competency to deliver value and create the relationship
  • Delivering value

Confidence Building

  • Clear Communication
    • Repetitive communication format
    • parroting
    • asking questions


  • Create an image of the customer owning the product
    • Can you imagine
    • Story telling
    • visuals