Scaling DemandGen with ABM and Intent Data: With Markus Ståhlberg


In this presentation, Markus Stahlberg talks about different ways to scale demand gen. He first talks about ABM and the ways that it can be implemented, then talks about the ways to harness intent data to tailor marketing and sales strategies to the tendencies of the consumers.


Markus Ståhlberg is the Co-founder and CEO of N.Rich, a software platform for managing advertising audiences over the long B2B enterprise marketing and sales funnels. N.Rich adds account based targeting directly to the world’s best ad-buying platforms.


“57% of the purchase decision is made before a B2B customer engages with a vendor’s sales team”

“How do you find and influence relevant accounts when they are not yet ready to get in touch with you?”

Key Points

  1. For scalable demand gen, you need to generate intent data, rather than just listening.
  2. When you hit a demand gen ‘Plateau’, you need a new channel.
  3. Add ABM advertising as a demand gen source.