Rethinking Lead Generation: With Chris Isham


Chris Isham went over the ways that sales teams and marketing teams can align. This will help optimize the sales funnel. Chris has found that SDRs typically aren’t educated on the journey that their leads have traveled to get to them, creating a harmful disconnect.


Chris Isham serves as the Chief Revenue Officer and is a Co-Founder of BlueWhale Research, a B2B lead generation company that generates leads at all stages of the sales funnel in the B2B tech space. Chris brings over a decade of experience as a senior sales and marketing professional in the B2B space and is recognized by peers as a leader in the industry.


“Having an inside sales team not educated on what to actually do with the leads is creating a massive opportunity cost.”

“You need to know that journey if you’re going to have a proper conversation with the lead.”

“You should not be buying third party leads if you have not maximized your budget for your inbound strategy.”

“Inside sales teams need an active seat at the table with the lead generation vendor so that the lead generation vendor can pivot and make changes or keep doing what’s working.”

Key Points

  1. Marketers must educate SDRs on the journey that their leads have travelled.
  2. Marketing teams must prioritize leads based on their intent and where they are in their journey.
  3. Demand transparency from your lead gen vendor.
  4. Set aside time for regular lead training for SDRs.