Metaverse Marketing – What Every Post-Pandemic Marketer Needs to Know


In this candid conversation about the state of marketing, David and Billy go over ways that marketing tactics are shifting to the digital world. They focus on creating user experience that mimic the real life intimacy of buying something in a store. They touched on the recent hiring problem, the best ways to build company culture, and how to enable a virtual environment.


David Elkington is the Founder of and Silicon Slopes. He currently serves as a board member at ChatFunnels. Billy Bateman is the Co-Founder and VP of Operations at ChatFunnels and the host of the podcast “Digital Conversations with Billy Bateman”.


“If you write great content and you dont do a great job of distributing it, did you really create it at all?”

” Hire young, hire with lots of potential, and then really focus on your culture.”

Key Points

  1. Differentiating your efforts from the efforts of others is key.
  2. Have an evangelist- someone who is the face of marketing efforts (podcast, LinkedIn live, blog posts, etc.).
  3. Create a premium buying experience in a virtual world.
  4. Solve the hiring problem by focusing on young potential rather than impressive resumes. 30% of your team should come in with industry experience, 70% should be young with high growth potential.