Leveraging Your Partner Network for Demand Gen: With Garret Helmer


In this presentation, Garrett Helmer talks with Billy Bateman about using a technology integration network for Demand Gen. Having integrations with technology partners is a great tool that a company can use to generate demand. Joining technology partner programs with companies like Salesforce will allow for organic and strong product referrals to potential customers.


Garrett is a marketing professional with 21 years of experience in the tech industry. He accrued his expertise during time spent at companies such as Cisco, Box, PrinterLogic, Vasion, and now Ava Security. He is on the forefront of the tectonic shift from hardware based, closed IT systems to an open ecosystem of integrated, cloud-native SaaS solutions.


“Integrations are essential to how we deliver value to customers.”

“There is a vast reservoir of marketing and sales that you can tap into inside of your ecosystem partners to help deliver your message to market at more scale and quicker.”

“Ecosystem is everything”

Key Points

  1. Extend your services to other platforms.
  2. Integrate with other applications and systems- they will promote on your behalf.
  3. Find out they ways that you can deliver additional value to customers through different types of integrations
  4. Join the technology partner programs with the companies that you wish to work with.