How to Reverse Engineer Product Hunt: With Corey Haines


Corey Haines discusses the proven formula for how to succeed on Product Hunt. He explains how to get to #1 on the daily posts and how to get the most out of Product Hunt. He also discusses the playbook, different tips and best practices and shares some helpful and insightful experiences.


Corey Haines, Founder of Swipe Files is an experienced marketer that has been years ahead of many in his field from the very beginning of his career. He has been known and praised for his ability to identify and address weaknesses as well as go above and beyond to educate those he is helping on how to configure their online marketing processes to create the most effective results.


“Your email list is your #1 asset”

“It’s a lot easier to defend your #1 spot than it is to overtake someone else in their #1 spot”

“Product Hunt should not be your first marketing effort”

Key Points

Before Launch Day

  1. optimize your landing page and onboarding flow
  2. find a hunter.
  3. prepare your listing media, copy, & offer.
  4. Announce you’ll be on PH
  5. Schedule to post at 12:01am PT
  6. Newsletter & social post promo at 12:02am PT

Launch Day

  1. Build early momentum immediately after posting
  2. DM/email your network & communities
  3. Publish 3-4 additional posts/newsletters throughout the day
  4. Add PH badge to your site and social profiles
  5. respond to and upvote comments
  6. DM PH Twitter


  1. Buy upvotes
  2. publicly ask for upvotes
  3. criticize other launches on your day
  4. spam / cold outreach
  5. have people create accounts to upvote you day of
  6. Get people to create second accounts
  7. Attempt to game the system/algorithm
  8. Launch on Product Hunt the day after you announce something
  9. Launch on a Saturday, Sunday, or Monday