A 3-Step Lead Gen Formula: With Kara Brown


Kara Brown, a seasoned authority in the domain of lead generation, shares profound insights into what she refers to as the “Lead Gen formula.” She elucidates how this formula, although seemingly straightforward, often eludes many marketers due to the intricate nuances embedded within each step of the process. With her extensive experience and keen understanding, Kara not only simplifies the concept but also delves into the various facets that are often overlooked or misunderstood. Her comprehensive perspective serves as a valuable resource for professionals seeking to master the art of lead generation, empowering them to navigate the journey with greater efficacy and achieve remarkable results.


Kara Brown, Founder & CRO of LeadCoverage, a team of marketing and sales enablement consultants specializing in all the pieces of the B2B conversion cycle: mar-tech stack building (CRM/Automation), sales/marketing operations and enablement, inbound/outbound content, SEO/SEM, social conversion, and measurement.

Co-Founder of CloseHer, a community for women in sales. Currently hosting events in Atlanta and NYC.


“Prospects need to see your brand almost 100 brands before they even remember who you are.”

“Do not underestimate the power of the trade magazine”

Key Points

  1. Share good news
  2. Track who’s interested
  3. Follow-up