How to Fix Your Messaging and Deliver Better Leads: With Matt Riley


Matt Riley, a distinguished authority in the field of marketing, delves into the art of effective communication, emphasizing the transformative power of narrative-style engagement. In a world awash with information, Matt’s insights shine as a beacon, guiding marketers towards a deeper connection with their intended audience. He elucidates the nuanced techniques and storytelling strategies that not only capture attention but also foster lasting connections, enabling brands to resonate on a profound level with their target demographic. As Matt Riley unpacks the intricacies of narrative marketing, he empowers professionals to harness the narrative’s unparalleled potential to drive engagement, foster brand loyalty, and ultimately achieve marketing success in the ever-evolving landscape.


Matt Riley, Former CMO at Parcy, has been praised and known for being an amazing individual to work with. He is extremely intelligent and creative, and has a natural ability to lead a team where individuals feel empowered.


“Avoid the tail wagging the dog. You don’t want to get so tangled up in demanding everything be perfectly compliant with storytelling that it can become an obstacle to some of your communications.”

Key Points

Storytelling framework

  • SB7 Framework by Donald Miller
    • introduce a character who has a problem
    • character meets a guide who delivers a plan and calls them to action
    • When the hero acts on that plan they achieve success and avoid failure