Driving Demand with a CEO Who Gets Marketing: With Olivia Kenney


In her presentation, Olivia goes over the reasons that your CEO should be onboard with marketing. The CEO who understands marketing enables marketers to do their work at even higher levels.


Olivia Kenney is the Head of Marketing at LeadSift, a sales intelligence platform that generates qualified leads from public web. She is a revenue-driven marketer who powers relevant messaging with intent data.


“A CEO who gets marketing trusts marketing to do marketing.”

“It is much more effective to have a revenue goal associated with marketing. Whether that’s marketing influence revenue or marketing source revenue, everything should come back to revenue.”

Key Points

  1. Companies must get their CEO onboard with marketing using data and revenue goals.
  2. The CEO is the face of your brand, having them backing marketing campaigns is very powerful.
  3. Using revenue to structure marketing KPIs is a better tactic than using lead gen statistics.