B2B Influencer Marketing: With Evan Patterson


Evan Patterson speaks on Influencer Marketing, what it is, why and how to use it in a B2B space and includes some resources to point you in the right direction.


Evan Patterson, Content & Community Evangelist at Troops, he’s a creative, outcome-oriented content and community marketing professional with a love of all things SaaS and startups.


“[Incluencer Marketing has] always been a B2C centric ideology and it’s made it’s way to b2b . everything that comes to b2c eventually makes it’s way to B2B “

Key Points

Finding your influencers

  • Consider Cost & ROI
  • 50% of Social Media following or more is comprised of your Ideal Client Persona
  • Consistently produces content on social media
  • Total number of followers is substantial and/or highly engaged

Operationalizing Influencer Marketing

  • Per Post
  • Monthly or Quarterly Stipend
  • Commissions
    • Affiliate Marketing-esque
  • Hybrid

Technology Enablement

  • Linktree
    • to include in content & drive traffic to desired locations.
  • Rewardful
    • Use to track signups for products.
  • Influencer Marketing Management Platforms
    • Such as Grin or Captiv8

What To Track

  • Increase Web traffic to site and web conversions as a result of links in content.
  • Increased follower count and post impressions on your company’s social media handles.
  • Increased engagement on content posted by key employees.
  • Increased applicants for candidate pipeline due to improved employer branding