Adapt or Drown in 2022 – Convert 3x the Pipeline in 1/3 the Time


In his presentation, Scott Logan goes over ways that marketers can improve their pipeline. He proposes using new, efficient technology to book meetings. He also suggests using those meetings as a shared leading indicator between sales and marketing teams. Scott provides data proving that lead chasing is inefficient and provides some alternatives.


Scott Logan is the Vice President of Marketing at Kronologic, a software company that uses AI-automation to book calendars with revenue focused meetings. Scott has helped companies grow in various positions, and has years of experience working with demand gen.


“Is this lead chasing providing a good buying experience for prospects?”

“80% of technology buyers are MOST annoyed by being ‘lead chased’ with calls and emails when booking a meeting”

“The meeting is the only leading indicator that overlaps all three teams.”

Key Points

  1. Identify the reasons as to why goals are ultimately not met and coordinate corrective actions between marketing and sales.
  2. Pipeline and ROI relies too heavily on SDRs
  3. Book meetings in efficient ways, using meetings as a leading indicator shared by marketing, SDRs, and AE.