3 Ways to Nail Your Attribution Strategy: With Ryan Breneman


Ryan Breneman provides invaluable insights by elaborating on three strategic approaches to ensure the effective setup of your attribution strategy within your organization. By meticulously addressing this critical aspect, he equips businesses to optimize their marketing investments, ultimately enhancing their overall effectiveness and driving more substantial returns on investment. Ryan’s expertise in this domain serves as a guiding beacon for organizations seeking to navigate the intricate landscape of marketing attribution with confidence and precision.


Ryan Breneman, Manager of Demand Generation and Marketing Operations at ObservePoint, draws upon his extensive experience in various facets of the marketing process to offer a well-rounded and comprehensive perspective on marketing. His career aspirations encompass not only personal growth but also a heartfelt commitment to making a positive impact in the world, giving back to those who have supported him, and accelerating his professional journey towards achieving his overarching goals.


“Marketing is typically the organization that spends the most money and as the demand gen, that is your responsibility to manage that money.”

Key Points

  1. Align with Sales
  2. Use Campaigns
  3. Utilize parameters