3 Ways to Incorporate & Measure ABM


In this presentation, Amanda DePaul goes over three different stages of the sales funnel and explains tactics that will create success in each step. She talks about aligning sales and marketing, and truly flipping the funnel to generate qualified leads.


Amanda DePaul is a demand generation and marketing operations leader with over 10 years of experience with increasing responsibility specializing in optimizing marketing teams, process, and strategy to increase efficiencies in marketing. Strong SaaS background in early to mid-stage startups focused on rebuilding net new business acquisition strategies and spearheading brand awareness, digital marketing, sales development, and operational initiatives.


“We can get further with our target accounts if sales and marketing work together.”

“Only 28% of salespeople say that marketing is their best source of leads.”

“Work with your sales team to develop a prospecting script that will match the ad copy that you will be putting in front of these accounts.”

Key Points

3 Plays for different stages of the funnel:

  1. Top of Funnel- Build a specific target account list, match prospecting script language to ad copy, start prospecting and ad campaign at the same time, measure & scale-up outreach as engagement increases.
  2. Middle of Funnel- Upon MQL, move to testimonial nurture track. Add to as campaign with matched creative to email campaign. Mirror testimonials in campaign in prospecting emails sales is using. The more the merrier- add some buddies to your prospecting effort.
  3. Bottom of Funnel- Build flag in CRM for # days in stage. Agree on SLA with Sales, Rules of engagement. Trigger add to a customer testimonial campaign. Upon campaign engagement, send gift & trigger alert for sales.