Don Simpson | Turn your Anonymous Website Visitors into Revenue

Don Simpson turn your anonymous website visitors into revenue


Don delves into one of the most pressing issues for marketers- how to identify your website visitors and their intent.  


We have pioneered the use of customer engagement to drive revenue for global brands for 3 decades. First in building call centers and inside sales operations, then leading in the use of live sales chat, and now we are pioneering AI to score website visitors conversion potential to trigger optimal customer engagement with Lift AI. 


Most of your website visitors are anonymous, and the biggest opportunity is to convert in the moment through chat, but it’s difficult to do at scale. If you have an ABM program, you can use identity tools to help determine the company the visitor works for. But to understand the opportunity with each visitor, you have to know buyer intent. You can learn intent through AI. 

Many companies put a bot on their website with a one-size-fits-all strategy, but that leaves a lot of visitors with bad experiences. 

Key Points

Conversational marketing has exploded: 

  • $102 B of US digital marketing spend focused on driving website visitors 
  • Over 80% of companies use chat for sales 
  • $42 B USD spent on agents per year to engage in live chat