The Power of Messaging: Leading with Fact-Based Research

Overview: Kraig Kleeman gives us three ways to focus on the buyer and improve the customer journey.

About the Speaker: Kraig Kleeman is the world’s greatest cold caller and the world’s leading Growth Advisor. An accomplished Author, Speaker, & Global Sales Strategist, Kraig also hosts KraigKleemanTV, the world’s most instructional sales enablement YouTube channel.

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Welcome to sales and deals and rock and roll. Today I will share with you three Classic Rock Songs mixed in with sales process and sales effectiveness Subtitle. My purpose for you is to understand selling effectiveness concepts. That as AC DC sings, will leave you ThunderStruck. Before I get started, I want you to know that I have a stock of Kraig Kleeman branded sunglasses that I want to give to you. All you have to do is send me an email and just outline two takeaways that you received. From this album, I hope to give away a lot of cool sunglasses today. So don’t be shy about sending me an email and sharing with me two takeaways.


Alright, here’s my agenda for today. Track one is called you can change the world of selling through messaging. Little reference to Eric Clapton there track number two on reference to the Eagles. Take it to the limit through systematic plan, outreach, touches. Track number three, a reference to one of my favorite bands. You can always get what you want through continuous process improvements alright, let’s rock.  

Hermeneutics Messaging

Song number one, you can change your world of selling through messaging. I love Eric Clapton, hence the reference. I also love sales organizations. And I want to share with you a few sales organizations that I have had the pleasure of working with closely. And I want to talk to you about some things we did. first of all, let me make you aware of for reckless feckless phrases that cause sales Cancer, we are we have we can we will, We are, We can, We have, We will.  

Hey, I want you to pause for just a moment think do you do your sellers incorporate those words. In your first time messages, first contact messages. Let me tell you, that sort of language is all about you and has nothing to do with your buyer. Your buyers are interested in outcomes. And they’re interested, they’re actually attracted to messaging that’s more topically driven. We got to stop focusing on ourselves and begin focusing on our prospective buyers.   

Case studies

Hey, I want to talk to you about one sales organization I worked with that adopted all these principles from messaging. When I met with them they had three sellers, one appointment setter, two closers. When they learn to adopt language, the science of language I call it hermeneutics. And when that team adopted that language, and wrapped it up in a structured sales outreach plan. A cadence of messages that are relevant to their professional mandates. Guess what happened?  

The company grew like a weed. now, just a few short years later, that team has 60 people in their sales organization. And you’ll be shocked to know that 40 of those people are appointment setters. Eight of them are closers and the rest 10 or sell are managers, the the appointment setters are meeting booking machines, they actually had their eight closers. 10, to 12, to 15, to demos per day, the closers they kind of love me, and they hate me. They love all the velocity. And they love all the revenue that they’re generating. They kind of hate the fact that they don’t have enough time to take a bio break, and even use the restroom.   

Adopting a language

What I want you to understand is that when you begin to adopt a language. That persuades and when you begin to wrap that language into outreach touches, a 13 Touch plan. And when you touch your prospects, everywhere they exist, cold calling, email, social media, SMS tags, incorporate video on some of the message, the magic begins to happen. The company that I just referenced to you. They went from three people that 60 people, and organize the way I described. Adopted the language stuff that I mentioned, guess what they just sold for $500 million. It was an amazing outcome.  

Other companies that I’ve worked with, began to understand this process that I sometimes referred to as predicate based selling, or leading with fact based research, when they learn how to appeal to their buyers, with one wedge that is consistent and important to their buyers, professional mandates.

Group One

They rock the house, one group that I work with sold agent, portal software solutions. And they sold those solutions to chief marketing officers of large. Large insurance carriers, they were really struggling to get in and win meetings with those chief marketing officers. But when they adopted predicate based selling. Which gives the buyer a predicate or an intention to want to meet. When they manifest in debt by leading with fact based research, versus the old tired value proposition language. They rocked the house, they began calling chief medical officers of the largest insurance carriers in the world. And inviting them to attend an analyst briefing where the topic was optimizing agent retention, and improving agent productivity. What cmo could say no to that. 

Group Two

 The two most important metrics to any insurance carriers business, short of the balance sheet are those two items, optimizing agent retention, and improving agent productivity. Their outcomes went off the roof. They grew the company from $80 million in sales to that magic number all within an 18 month period to $100 million in sales, which was a magic number for the CEO to sell the company for a rock star valuation.   

You know another company that I worked with that adopted these principles. And they were calling on medical records directors for small clinics, and small doctor’s offices. They couldn’t win meetings with these medical records directors, if their lives depended upon it, when they adopted the messaging model that I’m talking about now, predicate selling leading with fat based research. They began calling these medical records directors and inviting them to attend an analyst briefing where the topic was optimizing medical records to drive clinical and financial outcomes. What medical records director could say no to that meeting, that is exactly the key components of that medical records directors job description.  

predicate based selling

That company blew up the power of That model became the largest lead generation component of everything they did. And the owner of the company was thrilled as he hit revenue target targets that he never dreamed were possible. As I close out this sequence associated with this song, I want to tell you that with good messaging, you can make it wonderful tonight, you can change the world. You can make it rain, you can avoid bad love. You can ride with the king, because when it comes to messaging, well, it’s in the way that you use it. And if you understand predicate based selling, and you learn to lead with fact, based research, you will have your prospects on their knees, just like Clapton and Layla.  

Take it to the Limit

Alright, here we go with song number two, take it to the limit. Through systematic plan, multiple outreach touches, we recommend that people do at least 13 touches in a 30 day period, you want to include cinematic video, in some of your emails you want voice that conforms to the type of language that I mentioned earlier, you want emails that have a radical reduction. In word count, you want relevant social media touches that are enticing for your prospects to want to meet with you. Every new prospect gets touched 32 times in a month, every SDR reaches out to 50. net new prospects daily.  

That means in 20 days, 50 a day, that’s 1000 outreaches to net new prospects per month 13 touches to each of those, your appointment centers now manage 13,000 touches with each SDR manage per month. When you learn this, it won’t be a heartache tonight. Rather, your sales team will experience life in the fast lane, you will get a peaceful easy feeling because you’re no longer a victim of love. Rather, you have taken your team to the limit. Because your messaging has rocked your prospects in the night till their skin turns red. It’s like getting the moon in your eyes. It is important for you to commit to a third team touch out reach plan that’s written pre written and easily executable by your SDR team.   

Continuous Process Improvements

And here we now go with song number three, you can always get what you want. And you can get it through continuous process improvement. You know my first company that I started some years ago as founder and CEO. I grew it from zero to $30 million in annual sales and four years. In all I learned, I learned to constantly testing and to double down on what works and abandon what doesn’t work. You know, we use terms like inviting our prospects to insights, briefings, analyst briefings. One of my customers uses the phrase perioperative analytical review. The key is we tested language and doubled down on what worked. You know, I studied theology in college. And one of the apostles said that those who endure to the end will be saved. 

 I’m not here to do any evangelizing I can barely keep myself sane, but I love the reference of touring. It’s so important that we endure. You know, when you commit yourself to continuous process improvements, you can always get what you’re what you want, your sales will no longer be shattered. Your company’s sales will no longer be a beast of burden. You’ll get satisfaction and even if you were born in a crossfire hurricane and even if you home in the morning rain it We’ll be all right. In fact, it will be a gas gas gas.   


All right, so what have we learned today and this rock album that I presented to you, number one, song number one we learned you can change your world of selling through messaging, we talked a little bit about predicate selling, and leading with fact based research. And if you want to know more about that, just get in touch with me. Second thing we learned the second song was take it to the limit through systematic planned multiple outreach touches, we learn that if you do 13,000 touches with each of you for each of your SDRs do that and manage that per month, you will rock. The third thing we learned is that you can always get what you want through continuous process improvements.   

In closing, I’m going to share with you something that’s a little bit personal. In 1972, Steely Dan released a song named Do It Again. Now, I think that Donald Fagen of Steely Dan, as lead singer might have likely been singing about some frivolity. But I just want to tell you, this is the third company that I’ve started. They’ve all prospered. We live. We know we live in a climate of change, but there’s still a ton of business to be conducted for you. And for me, my name is Kraig Kleeman. I’m the world’s greatest cold caller. And I hope today that you’ve been ThunderStruck. Peace. Cheers.