Capture Sales Leads Through Website Traffic

Signals uses AI to help companies qualify site visitors by their fit, behavior and intent. When a visitor comes to your site, Signals will scrape to find company information. If the company matches your ideal customer profile, we then look-up and create a list of contacts your Sales team can reach out. 
Capture Sales Leads Through Website Traffic

Trusted By Industry Leaders

Find potential buyers and connect with existing customers

Signals is helping companies save time with automating your sales prospecting and integrating with your sales and marketing tech stacks

Segment by visitor behaviors and attributes to talk to the right people
Identify intent of buyers and look-up contacts to fill out your buying committees
Engage with your accounts with agent alerts, live chat, and campaign enrollment
Integrate with your existing tech stack for real-time visitor insights.
Generate your Ideal Customer Profile

Generate your Ideal Customer Profile

Use Signals to know what companies match your wanted industry, employee count, annual revenue, and location.
  • Qualifying made easy through automation.
  • Know what companies have the highest potential.
  • Use current customers to find what companies would be the best match.
Generate your Ideal Customer Profile
Identity who is on your website

Identity who is on your Website

Signals Identifies what companies are coming to your website:

  • No more guessing, put company names to visitors.
  • Learn what companies are doing.
  • Track companies you want to engage with (i.e. target accounts, open opportunities, and potential customers).
Engage With Potential Buyers

Engage with Potential Buyers

Use Signals Buying Committee to know the best person to contact.
  • Find the decision makers in a company by filtering contacts by title, seniority and organization.
  • Send contacts your existing marketing automations (email or CRM) for outreach.
  • Connect with visitors using live chat and automated chatbot messaging.
Engage With Potential Buyers
Get Email updates on changes to account's intent score

Sync with your Exisiting Integrations

Signals helps marketing and sales by sending discovered contacts into your existing workflow.
  • Keep sales in the loop, and automatically sync leads, contacts and accounts to your CRM.
  • Enroll contacts into campaigns.
  • Use your CRM to create unique segments.

Use Signals Integrations to seamlessly blend into your current sales process

What You Get

Whether you are trying to consolidate your tech stack, grow your contact list, or chat with incoming visitors, Signals has features that can help.

Contact Discovery™

Get a constant stream of new contacts without visitors needing to fill out a form.

Campaign Enrollment

Automatically send new contacts to your marketing automation tools, like Sendinblue or send emails directly from Signals.

Live Chat

Combine automation with human interaction. Connect sales to their current opportunities, or route them to inbound leads.

Data Enrichment

Ask for less information, but get more with Signals' data enrichment.

Account Activity

Gain insights on where visitors are in their buying journey, with detailed account activity.

Interactive Dashboard

Track the accounts you want to sell to with our Dashboard. Find out who is checking you out in real time.

CRM Automation

Integrate your CRM with Signals. Track accounts you are currently working and add potential accounts into existing workflows.

User Alerts

Receive alerts for when you are being routed to conversations, if your calendar has dropped, or target accounts that are on your site.

Start seeing your Buyers' signals

Signals is helping companies automate, grow, and close sales pipeline with industry-leading predictive intent scoring, lead generation, and real-time engagement.

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