ChatFunnels' Google Analytics Integration

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a digital analytics software with the sole purpose of tracking data about your website visitors. It gives you insights on how to optimize your marketing and sales strategies. Your business’ online presence is crucial to driving conversion and with Google Analytics you can see what’s really working and what’s not.

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How does ChatFunnels integrate with Google Analytics?

Here at ChatFunnels, we are all about connecting conversations to opportunities. In order to track how a chat leads to an opportunity, we’ve integrated with Google Analytics. To measure ChatFunnel's performance on your site, we capture and track information and send it over to Google Analytics. Here is what we track:

  Calendar drops 

  Meetings booked

  Emails captured



  And more!

By engaging visitors with bots and live chat, then syncing event data to Google Analytics, you can take the next step to optimizing your funnel

How does this help me?

This integration has a one-time set up, automating the transfer of your ChatFunnels conversation data to your Google Analyics account. This automatic transfer of data saves your company time, thus facilitating data driven marketing decisions.
Using Chatfunnels and Google Analytics in tandem allows you to see how your chatbots are converting. It gives you insights into which bots might need iteration or optimization. By staying focused on the numbers, you will know how to make the right adjustments and revisions in your marketing and sales strategies.
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ChatFunnels converts web visitors into pipeline.

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