ChatFunnels' Clearbit Integration

What is Clearbit?

Clearbit is a lead enrichment platform for sales and marketing. It offers additional information such as job title, company, company location, etc, when provided with an email. It allows you to get a more complete view on prospects’ professional personas.


How does ChatFunnels integrate with Clearbit?

ChatFunnels has integrated with Clearbit, which enables agents and bots to get an enriched, detailed view of any visitors that chat in on your site. Once the visitor provides an email to the bot or to an agent, ChatFunnels will enrich the contact information with data provided by Clearbit.

How does this help me?

The major benefit is that it automates the lead capturing process. You can now seamlessly connect your bots with the Clearbit database to ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date information. Having enriched contact information allows your team to stay one step ahead in the qualifying and sales process.
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ChatFunnels converts web visitors into pipeline.

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