Tips to Kicking Off Live Chat and using Bots to Reach Goals

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Overview: In this episode of Digital Conversations with Billy Bateman, we are joined by Derek Boggs of Ivanti and our host Billy Bateman discuss the advantages of using bots vs. forms and communicating training and preparing your sales team to successfully implement them.

Guest: Derek Boggs– Derek Boggs has a diverse background in Marketing. He has managed teams responsible for campaign strategies, account based marketing (ABM), marketing automation, email marketing, PPC, SEM, SEO, copywriting, and product development that generates organic and paid leads for B2B and B2C. He thrives in small teams or in a startup working atmosphere that is fast paced, where he can wear many hats (figuratively & literally).

He is known for his compassionate interpersonal skills, effective leadership, and determination to always do exceptional work. Derek is never afraid to get out of his comfort zone and take on new projects. He will continue to learn from and seek new opportunities while fostering a culture to create great products and services that are innovative and disruptive.

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