Chatfunnels Rebrands To

Founder’s Letter

We’re excited to announce our name change to Signals. Our vision has changed and our product is now built to focus on being able to Listen, Segment and Engage intelligently using automation alongside the processes of skilled professionals to amplify their efforts. 

Why the new name?  

Our new name reflects this broader company focus beyond just chatbots and sales funnels. When we started ChatFunnels, we had been focused on strengthening clients’ sales funnels and creating a seamless user experience on their websites.  

Based on market and customer direction, the company has since expanded to include many tools for marketers and salespeople – we knew our new name needed to reflect this broadening of our tool suite.  

In the years since we founded ChatFunnels, the world of SaaS has changed.  

  • Marketing tactics – the amount of information shared by consumers is unprecedented. Most CRM platforms do not know how to handle and organize the information in a way that is useful to your segmentation tactics, or your marketing campaigns.  
  • Sales tactics – Consumers now expect instant responses to questions. Signal marketing lets you tailor the messaging, experience, and responsiveness of your sales team for what your customer needs.  
  • Team unity – The way sales and marketing teams work together has changed. With the rise of remote work, there has been a tendency for your teams to become siloed and working on their own independent endeavors. Signal marketing is a touchpoint for your teams to remain in lockstep with each other.  

Our goal remains the same – we want to enhance and personalize your buyer’s journey. We help companies blend the technology and strategy of ABM with conversational marketing to create actionable plans and automation for marketing and sales teams.  

So, why Signal Marketing?  

Because marketing has changed.  

Seriously – the world of marketing has become much more refined, and you need the tools to keep up with the changing marketplace.  

Consumer products have been using quiet marketing tactics for years through product placement in movies and TV shows. Increased exposure to their brand increases the likelihood that a consumer will buy it. It’s now time that B2B companies use quiet marketing as well.  

Signals has become the premier B2B solution. With signal marketing, you communicate with more than just your message. It is about the timing of the message, the placement of the message. Now more than ever, how and when you say something is just as important as what you’re saying.  

Our tools take all the information and intent that your customer shares with you, and tailors their experience to them.  

To reflect the growth our company has made, we’re proud to introduce you to Signals. We hope you join us in this exciting next tier of our development!