ChatFunnels Introduces World’s First Conversation Optimization Platform

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ChatFunnels conversational marketing platform helps sales and marketing teams convert more leads into customers using the new conversation funnel experimentation engine.

SILICON SLOPES, Utah (PRWEB) September 16, 2020

Today, at its Biannual Demand Gen Summit 2020, conversation marketing cloud company ChatFunnels announced the industry’s first integrated conversation optimization platform of its kind: ChatFunnels Experiment™. It builds on the ChatFunnels Conversational Marketing flagship product. This innovative experimentation and optimization platform provides sales and marketing teams the ability to optimize their marketing and sales funnels in conversational engagement while using data-driven scientific analysis.

“Buyer preference is constantly evolving. Modern marketing and sales engagement must adapt to ever-changing preferences to be effective. Our new ChatFunnels Experiment™ optimization platform harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and behavioral analysis to optimally engage buyers,” ChatFunnels Co-founder Billy Bateman said. “Conversational marketing tools often becomes stale, stagnant and ineffective. Our customers will be able to meet engage with their buyers in highly personalized and meaningful ways.”

ChatFunnels is the modern Conversational Marketing and Engagement solution. It helps companies maximize the effectiveness of their conversational marketing efforts in order to achieve better engagement results. In addition to increasing conversation rates on their websites and closable pipeline. Using the new ChatFunnels Experiment™ optimization platform, companies can easily deploy intelligent chatbots and live chat to improve sales, marketing and customer engagement and drive velocity into their funnels. Companies can run both A/B and multivariant experiments on virtually every aspect of a conversational engagement campaign.

Learn more on how to maximize your sales and marketing funnel efficiency using science, AI and experimentation by setting up a free trial of the ChatFunnels Conversational Marketing Platform at

About ChatFunnels

ChatFunnels focuses on helping customers generate pipeline by engaging and qualifying. In addition to converting website visitors through live chat and chatbots. It includes an easy to use, no-code bot software, in addition to a drag-and-drop bot builder with audience-specific targeting. It also has an intelligent FAQ capability, customized reporting and a flexible and customizable live chat system. ChatFunnels also helps your marketing and sales teams optimize each step of your funnel through real-time conversations. Above all ChatFunnels connects users with helpful content and a 24/7 qualification system. In addition ChatFunnels is used by leading brands such as, Ivanti, Pantheon, Kazzcade, Brio Stack and Quick Base.
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