Top AI Tools for Modern Marketers: Insights from Gabe Larsen


Gabe Larsen, the marketing head at Kustomer, shares his expertise on the most impactful AI tools for marketers at the AI Revenue Summit 2023. With a focus on leveraging AI to drive growth, Larsen introduces a range of tools that can help marketers streamline their processes, enhance content creation, and stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Key Points

1. The AI Revolution in Marketing: The rise of generative AI tools like Chat GPT that are reshaping content creation and enhancing productivity.
2. Efficiency with Fireflies: Automate meeting notes and derive actionable insights from conversations.
3. Visual Content with Mid Journey: AI generated images tailored for newsletters, blogs, and social media.
4. Email Optimization with Superhuman: Enhance email productivity with AI driven suggestions and writing capabilities.
5. Video Creation with Pick 3: Transform blogs into engaging videos, enhancing content reach and engagement.

Chat GPT: The Content Assistant 

Larsen emphasizes the versatility of ChatGPT, highlighting its utility in crafting emails, blogs, social posts, and more. It serves as a handy tool for marketers, ensuring content is sharp and engaging.

Fireflies: Capturing Meeting Insights 

Beyond mere transcription, Fireflies offers summarized insights from meetings, ensuring teams can quickly identify action items and key takeaways.

Mid Journey: Crafting Unique Visuals 

In the age of visual marketing, MidJourney provides marketers with unique AI generated images, ensuring content stands out and resonates with the audience.

Superhuman: Elevating Email Communication 

Larsen introduces Superhuman as a gamechanger for email communication. With AI driven writing suggestions, it ensures emails are impactful and clear.

Pick 3: Video Content Made Easy

With video content gaining prominence, pick 3 offers a platform to transform written content into engaging videos, amplifying content reach.


Gabe Larsen's insights into the world of AI tools offer marketers a roadmap to navigate the evolving digital landscape. As AI continues to redefine marketing norms, it's crucial for professionals to stay updated and leverage these tools for optimal results. For a deeper understanding of AI's transformative impact on marketing, download the event's ebook. Additionally, consider how "Signals" can amplify your marketing strategies, turning insights into actionable outcomes and driving growth.