The Evolution of AI in Marketing: A Deep Dive with Jon Miller


At the 2023 AI Revenue Summit, Jon Miller, a stalwart in the digital marketing realm and CMO at Demandbase, offers a comprehensive look into the transformative role of AI in marketing. With a rich history in pioneering marketing platforms like Marketo and Engagio, Miller's insights provide a unique perspective on how AI is reshaping the marketing landscape. Dive in to discover the potential, challenges, and future of AI-driven marketing strategies.

Key Points

1. AI as a Transformer, not a Creator: The emphasis on using AI for content transformation rather than raw content creation.
2. The Power of Summarization: Leveraging AI to distill large amounts of content into concise, impactful summaries.
3. Rewriting and Refining: Using AI to polish draft content, ensuring it aligns with brand voice and messaging.
4. Extraction and Classification: The potential of AI to extract key insights from vast data sets and classify them for better decision-making.
5. The Future of Marketing Teams: How AI might reshape team structures, roles, and the introduction of new specialized positions.

AI's Role in Content Creation 

Miller underscores the distinction between AI as a creator and a transformer. While the allure of AI-generated content is tempting, its true strength lies in transforming existing content. This ensures that the output is not just generic but tailored and refined.

Harnessing Summarization 

One of the standout applications of AI is its ability to summarize vast amounts of content. Whether it's webinar transcripts or lengthy articles, AI can distill the essence, making it easier for marketers to repurpose and share key insights.

The Art of Rewriting

Beyond just generating content, AI can be a valuable tool in refining and polishing drafts. Whether it's enhancing the tone, style, or ensuring brand consistency, AI can elevate content quality.

Extraction and Classification 

Miller touches on the potential of AI in data extraction and classification. From analyzing LinkedIn recommendations to gauging sentiment from social posts, AI can provide deeper insights, aiding in more informed decision-making.

The Future Marketing Landscape 

As AI becomes more integrated into marketing strategies, Miller envisions a shift in team structures. From data scientists to AI strategists and even AI ethics specialists, the future marketing team might look quite different from today.


The integration of AI in marketing is not just a trend but a paradigm shift. As Miller aptly highlights, the key is not to replace human creativity but to augment it. For those keen to further explore the intricacies of AI in marketing, download the event's ebook. And for businesses looking to harness the power of AI-driven insights, "Signals" offers a revolutionary solution, turning website interactions into actionable insights and fostering deeper customer relationships.