Revolutionizing Revenue with AI: Illuminating Industrial Blind Spots with Sarah Tamilarasan


At the 2023 AI Revenue Summit, Sarah Tamilarasan, CEO and cofounder of Soto OG, takes the audience on a journey through the transformative power of AI in the heavy industrials sector at the AI Revenue Summit 2023. With a focus on leveraging real-time data to drive impactful metrics such as cash flow, Tamilarasan showcases how AI can illuminate industrial blind spots and optimize operations.

Key Points

1. The Untapped Potential of Realtime Data: 75% of real-time data in operations goes unused daily, representing a significant opportunity for optimization.
2. The Impact of Climate Change: Climate change is affecting the unit economics for heavy industrials, making the need for efficient operations even more critical.
3. The Role of AI in Revenue Reconciliation: AI can automate the reconciliation process, reducing errors and ensuring accurate payments.
4. The Power of Aggregating Data: By bringing together diverse datasets, AI can provide a comprehensive view of operations and cash flow.
5. The Vision for Soto OG: A platform that integrates AI to analyze and correlate vast amounts of data, driving efficiency and precision in operations.

The Heavy Industrials Data Landscape 

Tamilarasan highlights the vast amounts of data generated in the heavy industrials sector. From tank levels to commodity prices, the challenge lies in harnessing this data effectively.

The Challenge of Manual Reconciliation 

With thousands of transactions occurring daily, manual reconciliation is error-prone and inefficient. Tamilarasan emphasizes the need for automation to ensure accurate payments and optimize cash flow.

The Magic Behind AI driven Reconciliation 

By leveraging OCR and pattern recognition, AI can autonomously match tank level data with transaction tickets, ensuring accurate revenue tracking. This process reduces errors and ensures companies are paid accurately for their commodities.

The Broader Impact of AI in Industrials 

Beyond revenue reconciliation, AI has the potential to drive efficiency in various areas, from water conservation to predicting operational needs. Tamilarasan touches on the broader applications of AI, emphasizing its transformative potential.

The Team Behind Soto OG 

Tamilarasan pays tribute to her cofounder Robert Esto and the passionate team at Soto OG, whose dedication and expertise have been instrumental in bringing their vision to life.


Sarah Tamilarasan's insights provide a comprehensive understanding of the potential of AI in the heavy industrials sector. As industries grapple with the challenges of dwindling margins and the impacts of climate change, AI emerges as a beacon of hope, promising efficiency, accuracy, and growth. For a deeper dive into the transformative power of AI in industrials, download the event's ebook. Moreover, consider how "Signals" can further enhance your operations, turning insights into actionable strategies and driving growth.