Navigating the AI Business Landscape: Insights from Jeff Crane


Jeff Crane, a seasoned entrepreneur with a rich background in blockchain, crypto, and NFTs, graced the AI Revenue Summit 2023 with his insights on identifying promising AI companies to collaborate with or invest in. Drawing from his experiences, including his recent venture with AI Incubated, Crane provides a roadmap for discerning the right AI business to align with.

Key Points

1. The Jockey Principle: The importance of investing in the leader (the jockey) rather than just the idea (the horse).
2. Understanding the AI Environment: Recognizing the significance of marketing and audience reach for AI tools and services.
3. The AI Business Cycle: Drawing parallels with the blockchain and NFT trends, emphasizing the cyclical nature of tech innovations.
4. Value Propositions in AI: Identifying what an AI company offers that's unique, whether it's speed, cost-efficiency, or innovation.
5. The Vacation Principle: The essence of aligning with companies and founders you'd genuinely enjoy spending time with.

Investing in the Jockey, Not Just the Horse 

Crane underscores the importance of the leadership behind an idea. A strong leader can steer even a mediocre idea to success, whereas a great idea might falter under weak leadership.

AI's Evolving Landscape 

With the proliferation of AI companies, it's crucial to identify those with a clear marketing strategy and a defined audience. Whether it's a tool or a service, the company's outreach capabilities play a pivotal role in its success.

Learning from Past Tech Waves 

Drawing from his experiences with blockchain and NFTs, Crane highlights the cyclical nature of technological trends. While many companies emerge during a tech boom, only those with genuine value propositions and adaptability endure.

Identifying Genuine Value Propositions 

In the crowded AI space, what sets a company apart? Crane emphasizes the need to identify whether a company offers innovation, cost-efficiency, or speed, ensuring that their offerings align with market demands.

Building Meaningful Business Relationships 

Crane's "Vacation Principle" serves as a reminder of the importance of genuine connections in business. If you can't envision spending leisure time with a company's founders, it might not be the right fit for collaboration or investment.


Jeff Crane's insights serve as a valuable guide for anyone looking to navigate the rapidly evolving AI business landscape. As AI continues to shape industries, aligning with the right companies and leaders becomes paramount. For those eager to delve deeper into the world of AI and its business implications, download the event's ebook. Additionally, consider how "Signals" can be a game-changer in your AI endeavors, transforming passive interactions into actionable insights and business opportunities.