GTM Strategies Powered by AI: Insights from Udi Ledergor and Dan Morgese


In the dynamic sales arena, AI is pivotal. At the 2023 AI Revenue Summit, Udi Ledergor and Dan Morgese from Gong provide a concise overview of AI's role in reshaping go-to-market (GTM) strategies, emphasizing its undeniable benefits.

Key Points

1. AI's Growing Role in Sales: 25% of sales professionals use AI, with another 26% set to adopt within a year.
2. AI's GTM Benefits: Automation, guiding winning behaviors, strategic insights, and enhancing buyer experiences stand out.
3. Boosting Seller Productivity: AI minimizes noncore tasks, letting sales reps focus on selling.
4. The Need for Realtime Insights: Many organizations lack immediate GTM insights, underscoring AI's importance.

AI: The Sales Game Changer 

The world of sales is continually evolving, with AI leading the charge. Gong's survey indicates a clear trend: AI adoption in sales is not just beneficial, it's essential to creating more success.

AI's GTM Impact 

AI's potential in GTM is vast. It streamlines tasks, offers strategic insights, and most crucially, enhances the buyer's journey. As Ledergor notes, a top-notch customer experience is nonnegotiable.

Elevating Productivity with AI 

Forrester reveals that reps spend only a mere quarter of their time on core selling. AI tackles this by automating mundane tasks, allowing reps to focus more on genuine selling.

Realtime Insights: A Must Have 

In collaboration with Gong, Harvard Business Review pinpoints a challenge: the lack of immediate GTM insights. AI fills this void, offering timely, actionable data.


“AI technologies are the cornerstone of the next economic growth wave.”  McKinsey & Company 

AI's role in sales is transformative and indispensable. For B2B leaders, the takeaway is clear: embrace AI or risk obsolescence. To delve deeper into AI's impact on sales, download the eBook from the AI Revenue Summit to explore how Signals can refine your sales approach, converting views to customers.