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ChatFunnels x LVT


LVT produces advanced Hardware + Software security systems. They’ve combined high-tech security equipment with world-class surveillance software to achieve a whole new industry standard. Their security equipment is built to do it all.

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LiveView Technologies needed to engage with
their customers faster, and more effectively.

LVT was experiencing difficulties in identifying dark funnel leads. Additionally, they run a multi-tiered sales process, which makes routing to the correct agents difficult. LVT knew they needed a better way to get leads to the correct agent, based on qualifiers, quicker. Thereby improving their speed-to-lead process.


ChatFunnels’ Client Success team identified a few approaches to help segment qualified leads to move through the sales process faster by identifying LVT’s Ideal Customer Profile. Then, using their custom ICP settings, they were able to route the right leads and accounts from LVT’s website to the correct teams and agents.

LVT also had a dedicated team member learning the ChatFunnels system and working to build the customer journey into the system. This approach made it easy to create a robust working layout in just 1 week. From there it has been about A/B testing while adjusting and planning the next steps and stages for continual growth

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Excluding the after-hours automation, agents have been present (responding) to 61% of all conversations since implementing ChatFunnels. This resulted in 76% of meetings booked being booked by agents in chat, and 24% being booked entirely through automation.

Another significant finding from LVT’s instance is that the bot captures emails at a higher rate than live chat, while agents using live chat capture phone numbers at a much higher rate.

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