Keriann Aronson | Inbound Lead Engagement Magic

Keriann Aronson inbound lead engagement magic

Overview Keriann explains her strategy in engaging with inbound leads, including testing, qualifying, and using data and automation while maintaining a personal touch.  Speaker Keriann is the Business Development Manager at Pantheon Platform. She manages and trains BDRs, often exceeding her quotas.    Quotes “Since our team is made up of different functions, it’s really important to…

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Renata Centurion | Moments that Matter & Customer Centricity: Listen | Demand Gen

Renata Centurion moments that matter & customer centricity: listen demand gen summit

Overview Renata’s strategy involves creating memorable experiences for customers that drive recurring revenue and exponential growth.  Speaker Renata has been working with B2B sales for more than 20 years, in multinational companies like Bayer, Merial, Groupon, and others. Fast forward to today, Renata is the Director for Latin America at Winning by Design.    Key Points Keys to…

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Dale Dupree | Creating a Robust Demand Funnel through Relationships and Branding

Dale Dupree creating a robust demand funnel through relationships and branding

Overview Dale explains his revolutionary approach to sales: creating relationships, branding, and experiences.  Speaker Dale is the Founder and CEO of The Sales Rebellion, where he offers sales coaching and training. Additionally, he also the host of the Selling Local podcast and worked as a copier salesman for many years before beginning his own company.    Quotes “Experiential sales techniques are…

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