Accelerating Revenue With Account-Based Engagement

Speaker While many GTM teams are faced with accounts going dark and becoming unresponsive to sales/marketing communications once they’re in the pipeline, Kristina Jaramillo (President of Personal ABM) ensures that high-value accounts actually move to revenue. Her personal ABM and account-based enablement programs reversed “no” positions with UPS, have displaced legacy competitors like Oracle. With…

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A Personal ABM Stroy – with Declan Mulkeen and Jack Rawlings

Declan Mulkeen

Speaker Declan Mulkeen is the CMO of strategicabm, named a top 15 fastest growing ABM agency in 2021. Additionally, Declan is the host of the ‘Let’s talk ABM’ podcast, the #1 podcast for B2B marketing and sales professionals to learn about ABM. Prior to his current positions, Declan worked for over 20 years as the…

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Revenue Plays that Drive Breakthroughs with ABM and AI – with Chris Dutton

Chris Dutton

Speaker Chris Dutton is the Head of Demand Generation and Marketing Operation at 6sense. He is an experienced marketing operations and demand generation leader with 10+ years of experience. Collegues describe Chris as a “superstar,” and his track record is a clear indicator why! Quotes “Generating good, quality pipeline is hard, it’s really hard to…

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Avoiding mediocrity in your messaging – with Dan Rood and Zach Franzen

Dan Rood

Speaker Dan Rood is the Vice President of Marketing at LeadIQ. He is an expert at sales, content, and product marketing, with over 10 years of experience. Dan specializes in sales messaging, marketing positioning, and is a revered speaker. Quotes “We’re living in a new romantic era that thinks it’s a rationalist era…the problem we…

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Are You Altitude AwareAre You Altitude Aware – with Steve Eror

Steve Eror

Speaker Steve Eror is the Sales Director at ChatFunnels. He attended the University of Utah and Western Governors University. Steve is an expert leader in sales and business development. Quotes “Your whole goal is to get your sales team talking to more people. Accounts that are triggering these signals should be added into a cadence…

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Getting the Attetion of Your Buyer – with Eric Stockton

Speaker Eric Stockton is the VP of Demand Generation at Constant Contact. Previous to this role, Eric successfully led SharpSpring through an acquisiton by Constant Contact as a VP of Demand Generation. Eric has over 20 years of leadership experience, and he is an expert with startups, SaaS, and venture financing. Quotes “Once you have…

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10 Tried-and-True Tips for Sales and Marketing Alignment – with Tamara Yarovoy

Speaker Tamara Yarovoy has over 10 years of experience in B2B marketing. Tamara is the Director of Demand Generation at Vena Solutions, the only native excel complete planning platform built for Microsoft 365. Previously, she served as Head of Demand Generation at Meltwater, where she successfully launched ABM program which generated over $1M in revenue.…

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